What if, instead of looking backward, we turned our gaze to the future? We are convinced that the best whisky has not yet been created. But we are working on it. We step into the 21st century. We develop, improve and experiment in our constant quest for new masterpieces of taste. We hope you’ll join us as we agitate for a different way to make whisky.


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Argument: Kastanj 2023

For this year's edition of Argument Chestnut, we've decided to take things a little further. I serien Argument har vi samlat ett antal av våra mer experimentella produkter, tillverkade i lite mindre volymer. Finns på Systembolaget som limiterad upplaga. Artnr. 41458 - 70cl - 50% - 599kr


Chestnut Barrel-Aged Agitator makes a comeback.

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-11-14

Agitator's successful whisky is back in a new edition. During the previous two releases, Argument: Kastanj sold out at record speed. Now, the limited edition product is back for the third time, this time with an alcohol content of 50%.

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Black wheat whisky: "Intense flavours in Agitator's sherry bomb!"

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-10-27

At Agitator, the black wheat recipe is an offshoot of the malt whisky standard, with 15% black wheat spicing up 85% barley malt. The first trials in spring 2018 were successful.

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Samuel Lindlöf becomes an ambassador for Agitator

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-09-13

Now the multifaceted Samuel Lindlöf becomes an ambassador for Agitator and will soon follow up on the successful release of SamuelWhisky no. 1.

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