What if, instead of looking backward, we turned our gaze to the future? Whisky production is a – to put it mildly – conservative industry. But we are convinced that the best whisky has not yet been created. Neither has the ultimate distillation technique been perfected, the final mash bill been composed, or the perfect cask been assembled.

We step into the 21st century. We develop, improve and experiment in our constant quest for new masterpieces of taste. If vacuum distillation improves the taste of our whisky, then we will use that, even if tradition would have it otherwise. And if we can develop, diversify or in any way produce a more complex palette of flavours through ‘forbidden’ experiments with wood in our casks, then we won’t hesitate to do just that. Our one and only guideline is taste. 

We hope you’ll join us as we agitate for a different way to make whisky. Taking a new approach. Asking ourselves: What if?