In addition to the products we sell under our own brand, we like to collaborate with other companies. This involves both creating and bottling spirits for other brands and - through partners - making it possible for you to buy casks and cask shares of our spirits.


In this series, we have taken inspiration from collaborating. Each release is the result of a partnership where the inspiration for the whisky has been involved in the process.


Sweden Rock is Scandinavia's largest hard rock festival and has - since 2015 - every year released a whisky at Systembolaget as a limited edition. In 2022 and 2023, they collaborated with us at Agitator to produce this whisky.

Live Brands Factory has launched Marshall London Dry Gin which has been produced by us at Agitator Whiskymakare.


Occasionally, we receive requests from consumers wanting to purchase a private cask. We do not sell casks to private individuals, but we cooperate with two companies offering a number of private cask arrangements with whisky from Agitator.