Single Malt Whisky

To make this whisky, we blended four different kinds of cask: bourbon, sherry, new American oak and casks made from chestnut. The result is a whisky with hints of vanilla, red apple, citrus and dried fruit, a slightly salty tang and a whiff of mischievous smoke. 

Blended Whisky

A blended whisky with a balanced taste of malt, vanilla fudge, and caramelised sugar, with notes of exotic fruit, butterscotch and orange blossoms. Generous, fruity flavour with a medium-long finish.

Single Malt Whisky Rök

This whisky is matured on casks from Islay in Scotland, and in casks made from chestnut. The result is notes of dried fruit and a saltiness balanced by citrus and a spicy sweetness. On the nose as well as on the palate, there is a light but distinct peatiness with streaks of straw and herbs. 


In our Agitator Mixpack you will find four unique flavour experiences. Each of these whiskies is like a unique chapter in the Agitator book, from the elegant Single Malt to the rebellious rye whisky. Whether you are a seasoned agitator or new to the world of Agitator, with this mixpack in your collection, you have the opportunity to explore a multitude of flavours in one place.

Argument: Kastanj

Maturing on chestnut barrels is unusual. But it packs this whisky with aromas and flavours almost to bursting point. The first things you notice are the hints of dried fruit, with raisins taking center stage. In the finish, there is a more profound sweetness from honey and vanilla, as well as a distinct wooden character from the casks.


Argument Islay PX is a whisky matured in quarter casks that previously contained Islay whisky and Pedro Ximenez Sherry. This whisky combines the best of both worlds. An exquisite flavour journey that celebrates the fusion of Islay and sherry.


First, we chose to put the distillate in new American oak barrels and then finish in barrels that previously contained maple syrup. This combination of rye malt and the different barrels gives the whisky a robust malty taste with fresh fruit and syrupy sweetness.

Argument: SMÅFAT

Maturation on small casks or småfat (130 liters) gives the whisky more contact with the cask and a faster maturation. In this, we have mixed the contents from three different kinds of casks: Islay casks, sherry casks, and chestnut casks. The Islay casks add peaty notes and saltiness, while the sherry- and chestnut casks add fruit.

Evidens Svartvete

Evidens Black Wheat has been aged in quarter casks previously used to produce Oloroso Sherry, a fortified wine from southern Spain. Black wheat gives rise to a symphony of flavours. Roasted almonds take the lead, filling the palate with their delicate blend of sweetness and nuttiness. Burnt straw and cedar add a unique depth reminiscent of an autumn bonfire on the farm.

Evidens Sauternes

This whisky has been aged throughout its maturation in barrels that previously contained Sauternes wine. Generous tropical fruit flavours dominated by stone fruit, honeydew melon and pineapple. A balanced flavour of fruit with straw elements and a slightly sweet finish that lingers until the end.