Rye Rye cocktails

By Emelie Pousette | 2024-04-30

En whisky som inte bara gör sig bra själv, utan som även skapar magi när den hamnar i en drink. Skapad tillsammans Cocktails av Emil Åreng.

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Pubs and Restaurants

By Emelie Pousette | 2024-03-18

Here you can find both pubs and restaurants that offer Agitators Whisky. Find a place near you!

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Åreng: ”Topp 3 ny svensk whisky på bolaget i februari”

By Emelie Pousette | 2024-03-14

Cafés dryckesredaktör Emil Åreng sonderar bland svenskproducerade nyheter på Systembolaget och kommer tillbaka med tre bruna vinnare.

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Fransk kulinarisk guide hyllar Agitators whisky

By Emelie Pousette | 2024-01-17

Svenska whiskymakaren Agitator har fått två guld i 1001 Dégustations, den stora franska guiden för vin och sprit. Single Malt och Agitator Blended Whisky belönades med guldmedaljer av guidens domare.

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Chestnut Barrel-Aged Agitator makes a comeback.

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-11-14

Agitator's successful whisky is back in a new edition. During the previous two releases, Argument: Kastanj sold out at record speed. Now, the limited edition product is back for the third time, this time with an alcohol content of 50%.

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Black wheat whisky: "Intense flavours in Agitator's sherry bomb!"

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-10-27

At Agitator, the black wheat recipe is an offshoot of the malt whisky standard, with 15% black wheat spicing up 85% barley malt. The first trials in spring 2018 were successful.

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Samuel Lindlöf becomes an ambassador for Agitator

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-09-13

Now the multifaceted Samuel Lindlöf becomes an ambassador for Agitator and will soon follow up on the successful release of SamuelWhisky no. 1.

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Road-winning Agitator tastes like caramel-smoked fruit soup with an exhaust vibe....

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-06-12

The set-up of Agitator's latest 'argument' is described as a journey through Europe. Spanish oak transformed into barrels and filled with sweet-smelling Pedro Ximénez sherry. The sweetest quality that is hard to drink, it's like syrup.

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Lively sparkling rye whisky with maple syrup in the front!

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-04-27

Agitator goes where others have never gone. Because who has heard of a whole rye whiskey dipped in maple syrup barrels? This is what the daring experiment tastes like.

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