The ground-breaking whisky challenging tradition

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-02-23

Imagine a distillery with a focus on developing new flavours rather than sticking to traditional methods, with a preference for progress rather than looking back. Agitator Whisky has an ambitious vision; with new technology, sound knowledge and a desire to experiment, this Swedish distillery wants to take whisky-making into the future.

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Agitator's flavour bomb - with it's own smokiness

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-02-02

Evidens will prove that Agitator is absolutely right that whisky should be put into oak casks at a lower strength than the usual 63.5%, as the Scots do. Following the Japanese model, the spirit should be at 55%, no more and no less, when it begins the maturation process with the oak.

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The whisky maker breaking new ground

By Emelie Pousette | 2023-01-16

Tomorrow's Table spoke to Oskar Bruno, Distillery Manager at Agitator, to find out how modern technology can bring out new flavours and how to achieve the lofty goal of producing the perfect whisky.

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David Kringlund is given a tour of the manufacturing process at Agitator.

By Emelie Pousette | 2022-03-25

David Kringlund visits the distillery and gets a thorough overview of the entire production process - from the mill to the chestnut barrel. His guide through all the details is distillery manager Oskar Bruno.

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Agitator's distillery manager is interviewed by Allt om Whisky

By Emelie Pousette | 2022-01-03

Allt om Whisky visited Agitator and had a chat with our distillery manager Oskar Bruno. He tells us about Agitator's rebellious approach to whisky making and about our Single Malt Whisky that was launched at Systembolaget in November 2021.

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Machines make better whisky... but not on their own

By Oskar Bruno | 2021-10-19

The management of an operating distillery can be handled manually - by someone walking around opening, closing, turning on and off, measuring and checking. The alternative is to automate and let the machines do some of the work. We have chosen the latter. Here we explain why we think it gives us an advantage.

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By Oskar Bruno | 2021-10-15

At Agitator, the spirit is distilled in a vacuum. We are almost alone in doing this among the world's malt whisky distilleries. But how is it done, and what is the result?
We'll explain at two levels: The simple layman's explanation, and the more detailed version, for all those that are fond of details.

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American interview with Agitator's distillery manager

By Emelie Pousette | 2021-10-05

In the American video podcast "A Sip Of Knowledge", Agitator's distillery manager Oskar Bruno talks about vacuum distillation, double sets of boilers, our aging strategy, and much more of what makes Agitator's whisky so unique.
Klicka och se hela intervjun.

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By Emelie Pousette | 2021-10-04

To produce whisky, only three simple ingredients are needed: grain, water, and yeast.
There are those that consider yeast to be little more than that annoying third factor needed to convert sugar into alcohol. But to us, the yeast is fundamental in creating the flavours we want in the finished whisky.

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