Agitator launched at Systembolaget in 2021 and has rapidly grown to become the market leader in Swedish whisky since 2023. At the same time, we have increased exports. In 2024, the majority of sales will take place abroad, in physical stores and on Amazon. The rapid sales growth has created a need for increased professionalization and coordination between the various sales channels. This is particularly true for Amazon, where launches in 2024 have exceeded all expectations, and further expansion into more markets is anticipated.


As an E-commerce Manager, you will play a key role in Agitator's continued success and growth. Your most important task is to coordinate all internal and external resources currently working with our Amazon sales. This includes our external Amazon consulting firm and our communication agencies in various markets, as well as our internal staff in logistics, content, and sales. You will also work extensively on operations with customer communication, campaigns, and new launches.

We expect you to spend most of your time at our office on Upplandsgatan in Stockholm. If you occasionally want to work from our distillery in Arboga, or elsewhere, that's also fine. You will report to the CEO, who is based in Stockholm. We envision you starting in the role in September.

  • Develop work methods and routines for Agitator's e-commerce, prioritizing Amazon
  • Coordinate external and internal resources for Agitator's e-commerce
  • Make sales forecasts for each e-commerce market
  • Ensure that sales forecasts are met
  • Over time, increase sales efficiency for higher ROI by, for example, optimizing advertising with our Amazon consultants or streamlining logistics with our logistics manager
  • Lead projects with launches in new e-commerce markets
  • Ensure very high customer satisfaction through personal customer communication
  • Previous experience in operational e-commerce work. Previous experience with Amazon is highly advantageous. Previous experience selling food or alcohol online is not necessary but is a plus. A personal interest in whisky or alcohol, in general, is irrelevant.
  • Solid practical competence and a detailed understanding of e-commerce in general and Amazon specifically.
  • A good project manager who can structure processes and drive work from start to finish, whether alone or as a leader of a group
  • Excellent collaboration skills with a natural aptitude for clear communication
  • Self-motivated and solution-oriented with strong analytical abilities
  • Fluent in Swedish and English, both spoken and written
  • A person who is ambitious, curious, self-driven, structured and responsible

Are you interested in the role as e-commerce manager? We warmly welcome your application!
You can apply by sending your CV and cover letter to career@agitatorwhisky.com. Feel free to contact us at the same email address if you have any questions about the position. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!