Agitator Bulk & Contract


Agitator Bulk & Contract is a division of Agitator Whiskymakare. We supply Agitator's unique craft whisky and other spirits, both in bulk and packaged. Our customers are brand owners, spirit producers, and other spirits industry clients.

What we offer

Our range of products for your winning brand portfolio


Single Malt Whisky, in compliance with EU 2019/787: 
Peated Single Malt Whisky
Unpeated Single Malt Whisky

Whisky, in compliance with EU 2019/787:
Rye Whisky
Grain Whisky
Blended Whisky

New Make Malt Spirit (peated and un-peated)
Fast Matured Malt Spirit (whisky in some markets)

Distilled Gin, in compliance with EU 2019/787
London Gin, in compliance with EU 2019/787

Contract distilling to order

Our range of services to make your brand a success

Product development with a wide range of flavour profiles
Adjusting alcohol level
Adjusting colour

Our packaging options for your convenience

Wooden Cask (200 litres)
Drum (220 litres)
IBC (1.000 litres)
ISO Container (25.000 litres)

Agitator Manifesto
What if, instead of looking backward, we turned our gaze to the future? Whisky production is a conservative industry. But we are convinced that the best whisky has not yet been created. Neither has the ultimate distillation technique been perfected, the final mash bill been composed, or the perfect cask been assembled. We step into the 21st century. We develop, improve and experiment in our constant quest for new masterpieces of taste. Our one and only guideline is taste.

Agitator Distillery
Our production process makes us unique among malt whisky distilleries. We distill in vacuum, which results in a gentler treatment of the raw materials and more natural flavours.
To increase the range of our production, we use two pairs of stills, with completely different shapes, resulting in different characteristics of the spirit.
Our fermentation runs for seven days, which is an exceptionally long time in whisky production. This produces more esters, which contributes to the fruity flavours in our distillate.
We fill our casks at 55% ABV. This is lower than most distilleries. We do this because important flavour compounds are easier drawn from the wood at a lower alcohol level.

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